My Buzz

#SBS has given the business so much exposure on Twitter and Facebook. We had a great day networking with all the other great SMEs that had won the award.

My Bio

Sweet Pizzas started trading back in September 2014 after a few months of intensive focus groups and market research. We have since trading at shows and food festivals and secured contracts with local cafes and universities. We are looking forward to a very busy 2015.

My Business Tips

Make time for social media. It is an important part of our day, and 15-20 minutes a day drums up more business than you would think. Also make sure you spend time on market research so you can iron out an flaws early on.

Explore your local network for press opportunities and leads. Even if you have contacted them already with little to no success you should send them updates instead of further requests that way you are staying on their radar and not being too evasive.

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