My Buzz

What a blast! We've met so many great people involved in inspiring and exciting new businesses. We've had a great deal of interest on social media and lots of lovely welcome messages from the active SBS family.
Look forward to more interactions and working towards building our business!

My Bio

Sweetpea Pantry provides all natural, nutritious bake-at-home mixes for children. Started by two best friends who've known each other since they were 5, Sweetpea Pantry aims to make it easy for the busy parent who may not have the time, energy or inclination to cook from scratch every time. Our mixes are things children love to eat and make (pizza, pancakes, biscuits and flapjacks) and we hope to help teach them the joy of nutritious home baking. Including all dry ingredients, you just need to add wet to bake delicious home made snacks and meals. Now available in Ocado.

My Business Tips

Just get started! Your product/service may not be perfect yet, but until you get the word out there about what you are doing, you'll never know what you need to change and improve. There is real power in action!

And collaboration - learning from and working with great people and like minded business can give you both numerous benefits and progress you more quickly than going it alone.

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