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Tacticsboard is the world's first multi-user sports tactic board system. It uses cloud technologies that allows sports coaches, managers, trainers, fans, players and team mates to all collaborate live on the web inside their own team sports Tacticsboard no matter where they are in the world. It uses the latest 3d technologies to provide stunning 3d and 2d visuals that our customers can use to create awesome sports content.

We also have professional coaches, professional clubs, amateur clubs, magazine publishing companies, content writers and sports fans all over the world from China to Canada using the system today.

I initially launched our pilot site back in 2010 when Theo picked my new sports innovation. Unfortunately back then, the impact of being chosen didn't really pay dividends because the product was still in research and development.

But, with 12 months of hard work I finally released my product in Dec 2010 which is now being used by professional clubs, amateur clubs, UEFA A coaches, USSF A Coaches all over the world.

CBS used our volleyball Tacticsboard in episode 5 of Hawaii-Five-0 season 2 (which was screened in the U.K back in February this year). You can see the sports coach of the Honolulu volleyball team using my product at the beginning of the show. Unfortunately, the coach doesn't make it past the 10th minute (hence the five-o team being called in) but hey that's show business. You can see the news release for this on our news section within our site.

Could we be the first #SBS winners to be shown in a hollywood blockbuster!

My Bio

I started my career as a freelance graphic artist in the gaming industry back in mid 1980's working on the Amiga, Atari ST and Commodore 64 (my god, remember them!). I was only 15 when I had my work published in Amiga Format (a very well known computer magazine back then) and from that publicity i went on to create some work for a few big gaming titles of which my most famous one was system 3's "The last Ninja" on the Amiga and Atari ST. (any old school gamers may have played this!).

Well in 1990 I eventually put down my drawing pad and went onto college to get my National Diploma in computer studies where I met my partner Ursula when I was 20. I then worked in the I.T support sector for a several years.

A big turning point in my career was when my son "Harrison" was born in 1997, which really made me think where I wanted to be. So I put my head into 3 years of hard study to get 10 different Microsoft Professional Certifications whilst working for Orange(Hutchinson Telecoms) and Sony Ericcsons Telecommunications as a Microsoft engineer.

In 2000 I landed a role as a senior Microsoft analyst in wellington, New Zealand which I put on hold for 6 months to run a range of projects for M&G Investments in Chelmsford. They went on to offer me a great relocation package from my home town of Grimsby to relocate to Chelmsford which we took on and New Zealand was put in the back burner.

I worked in Chelmsford for M&G Investments for a year before moving to the head office in the city of London where I spent a further 8 years working as a senior Microsoft consultant for the same company running a range of Microsoft projects for offices in Asia and all over Europe.

In 2005, Ursula's mother became terminally ill so we relocating back to Grimsby. I carried on still working in the city, and in 2006 my daughter Kiara was born. So to help out as much as I could, I commuted everyday to London and back home to Grimsby 5 days a week, yes that's a 400 mile round trip every day for 4 years!. I would have to get up at 4am, drive 100 miles and catch a train to Kings Cross and arrive at work for between 8 and 9 in the morning, then work my shift and head back home. Some days were crazy because I was on call so it meant getting home between 9/10pm and being called out during the night. So some nights I would get home, have maybe an hour sleep and get called out and go on straight to work. People in the office used to call me crazy, but a) I loved my job and b) I loved my family and if I had to do this then so be it.

In 2008 I ran a project which allowed me to work a couple of days a week from home which helped immensely. It was also in 2008 when I came up with the concept of Tacticsboard, and for 2 more years I carried on commuting to the city for M&G whilst working on my own project.

In 2010 I eventually had to give up the commuting as it was getting far to much, and I wasn't getting any younger. So I decided to leave my position at M&G Investments to work 100% on my Tacticsboard product.

It was the best move I have ever made. I work just as hard as I did for all my previous employers but this time I'm doing it for myself, and the best thing is I spend every day with my family. Priceless.

I now have 3 businesses in development, 1 is Tacticsboard which is now used by sports publishers, content writers, coaches and teams all over the world. The other is a gaming product which I am releasing in the next 2 weeks, and the other is a manufactured product I have being prototyped with my partner in the U.S who actually coached the world famous Pele when he was just 18!.

My Business Tips

Work Hard, stay focused, set your goals, never give up and most of all enjoy what you are doing!.

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Free add on our adboards within our app. (see adboards on screenshots). DM @tacticsboard

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