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Tarte and Berry won this #SBS award only 4 days ago (5th January 2015) and we are so excited to be a member of the club! We are thrilled with the exposure we are getting for our business and looking forward to meeting everyone at the event at the end of the month.

My Bio

We are sisters, specialising in delicious artisan cakes and treats.

Jane is a trained Cordon Bleu pastry chef, having trained at the Tante Marie Culinary Academy in Surrey. Lucy’s background is in PR and marketing and together we have combined our skills to create Tarte and Berry.

You can find Tarte and Berry treats at both food and lifestyle fairs and festivals across the UK. Our treats are also available to order through our online shop and are all handmade by ourselves in Yorkshire, beautifully packaged and posted directly to your door. Perfect as a special gift, for an office birthday or simply an indulgence for all the family! We also make delicious gluten-free items.

In November 2014 we won a BBC Good Food Show Award for our bakes and along with this win from #SBS we are so excited for the future!

Jane and Lucy x

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Mistakes are inevitable, but if you learn from these it will make you stronger for the future.

Don't listen to those who tell you that you can't - use this as momentum to help you achieve your goals!

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