My Buzz

Winning #SBS was an amazing feeling! We are overwhelmed by the huge response and buzz it generated. Hundreds of tweets with congratulations and lovely messages are still coming through. It gave our Twitter profile a massive boost and raised awareness of the TempTribe brand.

My Bio

TempTribe is a supplier of temporary hospitality staff, offering high quality staff, personal account management and staff consistency to our clients. 

My Business Tips

Invest in people – At TempTribe we strongly believe in investing in our team. This starts with rewarding those starting at the bottom that work hard to climb to better roles. When we find these people we support them all the way from wait staff to joining our office management team.

Once in the office we believe in trusting everyone 100% to deliver and in constantly rewarding great work. In our office ‘fun’ is top of the priority list. We find that when we trust people and have fun with them, the company benefits just as much as the individuals.

My Latest Offers

25% off staff booking (limited to 2 staff members for 4 hours or 1 staff member for 8 hours) Great temp event staff!

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