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Tapping plant wellness is on trend in 2017. Tg is a NEW British award-winning brand that offers a modern take on ancient ingredients from the Middle Kingdom long known to help folks young and old "strengthen their roots" and put a "spring in their step".

We offer Tg drinks in 2 formats: ready to drink PET bottles and resealable stand-up pouches of teabags.

Our RTD drinks contain real brewed green tea blended with ginseng and other fruit & botanicals. One variant is particularly popular i.e. the "mandarin one" which offers a refreshing and familiar citrus taste but with the goodness of green tea "smuggled in". A second variant is getting bloggers excited i.e. the new old “super fruit” Jujube which tastes like sweet dates and carries a goodness punch, so much so there is an old saying in China "3 jujubes a day keeps the medicine man at bay". Even better, our drinks are low in sugar – less than half of that in coconut water – perfect for folks reducing sugar intake. 3 varieties proudly bottled in Britain. UK Cafe Quality Food Award. World Beverage Innovation Award. Global Packaging Design Award.

Our resealable pouches contain pyramid bags brimming with organic and ethical green tea that has been carefully selected for a smooth & delicious taste (already a winner of 3 Great Taste Awards in the UK). 3 varieties, some blended with jujube and other ancient fruit & botanicals. Hand-packed at source to lock in goodness and great taste. 2017 World Beauty Shortlist Award.

But don't take our word for it. Watch these testimonials -

Jo Scott-Dagleish, Nutritional therapist & triathlete -

Nicola Whitehead, dietitian, vlogger & BBC TV health commentator -

Lisa Tse MBE holder & successful entrepreneur

Follow us on Twitter @drinktg, watch our story on Youtube and go to to order some today.

This is no pricey “new age” plant sap. This is Tg. Smart. Sassy. Social. Drink Up to a well-made you.

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Women-owned and funded drinks startup (born in London, now based in Hertfordshire), on a mission to change what we drink for the better.

Tg “tea lady” #1 is Dr Hua He. Born and raised in Shanghai China, Hua qualified as a doctor there before embarking on a successful medical research career in Europe, settling in the UK 10 years ago! Hua grew up with the traditional health & wellness knowledge of Green Tea and other fruit & botanicals that had become part of everyday life in the “Middle Kingdom” for over 4,000 years.

Tg “tea lady” #2 is Sophia Nadur. Sophia was born in Trinidad (yes! she’s a true “island girl”) and grew up around lots of fresh fruit and natural drinks. She holds degrees in Physiology, Law & Business and worked for 20+ years in the global food & drink industry before hanging up her “corporate boots” to launch a healthier drinks startup with Hua. A proud Brit since the early 2000’s, Sophia’s mission in life now is to give folks no excuse to add green tea to their daily routine. That her mother has Type 2 diabetes has given her extra motivation to get Tg drinks available as widely as possible.

Both women are supported by a host of folks who helped to develop an innovative tea range and roll it out across the UK.

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We're a family owned business that has bootstrapped the development and launch of this innovative range of drinks. It can be done without having to giveaway too early equity through deploying a combination of savings, government grants, crowdfunding and careful negotiation with suppliers.

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