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An interest became a hobby, a hobby became a passion, that passion became That Takes Me Back. An Aladdins cave of antique, vintage and retro collectables.

There is no greater feeling than finding a piece of the past, especially a piece of the past with an interesting history. Maybe a piece that is still in good working condition despite being of a vintage era, even if it requires a little restoration. If I had the room (and the money) I would never sell anything I find.

If you are looking for late 19th century antiques, vintage or retro memorabilia or indeed modern day collectables, our range is ever evolving and we may just have that certain something. Whether you are buying for yourself or as a gift for a loved one, browse our store, take a trip down memory lane and think "that takes me back".

For those who prefer to shop via EBay, we have an Ebay store offering a wide range of collectables

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