My Buzz

The British Craft House was designed to provide an amazing platform for sellers of art and handcrafted items in the UK.

It's not just a platform though as it runs hand in hand with a sellers support Hub where I offer training and advice to help sellers to thrive online.

In turn the sellers help each other and we have formed a thriving and vibrant community.

My Bio

I’m Susan Bonnar, also known as Dottie.

I’m an ex-Royal Navy air traffic control officer who turned to crafting more than 15 years ago. I loved it as a sacred, creative outlet for the quiet evenings home alone when my Navy husband was at sea. I made cards and albums and to my own big surprise, they started selling!

I’ve always felt passionate about helping others. Turning your passion into a business reality that pays your bills is often lonely. It’s hard work to make your dream your day job. More than six years ago I started bringing crafters together online and have helped hundreds of crafters gain more business through social media. Frustrated with not having a suitable platform to sell my own products, my idea for The British Craft House was born on an 18-mile run on the South Coast in February 2019. Within 48 hours I had a business plan and my idea for The British Craft House website became my new reality.

I’ve worked tirelessly over the past months using my experience of the past 15 years to create something different. Something that helps you as sellers – crafters of your unique, beautiful, creations to showcase your designs and join an exclusive collection of high-quality artisans. Somewhere for you as buyers, that like me, want to find something special to treat yourself or your loved ones for any occasion, knowing that you are supporting someone’s dream.

Crafters from all over the UK have helped me create the site. Buyers have given input. My children have helped me write copy, friends have designed headings and my loyal crafting community has helped me try and perfect all elements of this site.

The Home of Artisan Gifts. I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed creating it.