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We make and sell luxury cheesecake at farmers markets. We love the idea of buying local to enable other small businesses, so we source as many ingredients from local farms and suppliers. Our cheese, eggs, and wholemeal spelt flour come straight from three different farms. The double cream we source direct from the local dairy.

Our cheesecake gets served in individual portions, in glass jars. Our customers regularly return the jars so we can use them again and again.

We like to promote this as an environmentally friendly approach, but the truth is that our customers just love the taste and texture of our cheesecake. It's as fresh as you can get.

My Bio

I'm Rachael, I was a teacher, I now produce and supply patisserie.

I taught GCSE and A level Biology at an all girls school in Sunderland. I wanted a change of career. I sold my horse, we sold our cars, we downsized the house. I got a job a Michelin starred restaurant working front of house. It wasn't for me, the hours were far too long and far too unsociable. I went for a similar front of house role at a patisserie and ended up working in the kitchen.

I worked there for a few years, before a chance encounter meant I helped out a friend run their stall at a Farmers Market. I loved it. There was no turning back.

Before I knew it, I'd organised my own pitch at a few local markets and I handed in my notice at work.

I now regularly attend six farmers markets per month and supply three different cafe's with my patisserie.

My Business Tips

Embrace social media. If you don't understand it, try to learn as much as you can. Or find someone to help you.

Always smile and be approachable.

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