My Buzz

Crochet communities and wellbeing

I am passionate about helping people discover their 'crojo' and helping them discover how crochet (and similar crafts) can deliver some fantastic benefits in relieving stress and helping us be ‘mindful’ in this busy, crazy, constant world we live in.

I have been so proud of the little crochet communities and friendships that have been created as a result of my lessons. Many of my attendees use this opportunity to have two hours to sit and crochet with likeminded people and chat together (sometimes there is more chat than crochet!).

My Bio

Hello I'm Donna, the creator of The Crochet Craft Co and I am a crochet teacher and designer. I taught myself to crochet back in 2011 to help me switch off from my day job in HR and I am passionate about the wellbeing aspects of crochet and helping people start their crochet journey and discovering their 'crojo'.

I started The Crochet Craft Co back in 2017, originally selling finished crochet projects. In 2019 I dipped my toes into the world of teaching and found my thing and I now teach crochet regularly with classes in different locations around Hampshire as well as providing online lessons and teaching at national yarn events.

I also design my crochet creations, with a simple and modern feel, focussing on amigurumi toys and seasonal products. My designs are available through patterns or full crochet kits, which include everything you need to create your own characters.

I am based in Southampton, down on the South Coast of the UK, where I live with my very understanding husband (who is drowning in yarn) and two slightly crochet-embarrassed teenagers; I do whip the hook out wherever we go.

My Business Tips

Collaboration over Competition - Sometimes it can feel hard when there are many people in similar businesses, creating similar products to be seen. I have learnt that there is enough business for everyone and that it is me that makes my business unique and why people choose to come to me to learn to crochet. Celebrating and supporting other businesses not only demonstrates your values as a business and individaul but also may bring more opportunities.

Stay in your own lane and discover your niche - When I started my business I used to be distracted by all the amazing, shiny crochet projects that I wanted to make. It took me a while to realise that I needed to find my niche and narrow my focus on my own style of products and designs. Whilst it can be tempted to look at similar businesses and jump onto trends, by staying focussed on my 'why' will mean that I can focus on my ideal customer and build a clear and consistent brand.

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