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We're a premium spoonable, spreadable and meltable cheese. Currently available in Sainsbury's.

Just when you though cheese on toast couldn't get any better!

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Launching initially in 150 Sainsbury outlets across the UK on February 7th 2018, the brand has an innovative and versatile proposition and is a cheese lovers dream. Great straight from the pot when spread onto crackers, turns chicken dishes gourmet, offers a great snack addition for those that need something on the go in sandwiches or panini’s, and of course as a traditional cheese on toast. Don’t even get us started on what it can do to a burger!
The Curious Cheese Co brand story is quite remarkable, interesting and curious all in one. It started from a West Wales kitchen table in around 2012 by Dai Nicholas a brand designer and marketer with no culinary skills but an inquisitive mind. The initial trials were done using a small tired kitchen blender, and sticking two fingers up at traditional Welsh Rarebit recipes, Dai came up with a version of his own that was spreadable and meltable. 
The saying ‘go west young man’ didn’t apply in this story as Dai went east to London where he met food developer and manufacturer George Katsaros who instantly loved the flavours and concept. Dai recalls the key meeting: 
“I had spoken to George over the phone and in one conversation he mentioned he had a few variations of his own and could he put them on the agenda. Sitting down at the first meeting and seeing and tasting what was to become Sassy Feta for the first time, was just an eureka moment and was a brand designer and marketers dream. It had flavour, colour, texture and a great brand story” 
The two set up a company together and agreed that the final key business ingredient was a commercial lead with extensive buyer contacts, and once Jane Arthern appeared on the horizon and coined the phrase ‘curious cheese’, The Curious Cheese Company was born. 
Now the three business partners have launched innovative flavours with a range of Cheddars that include  • Classic Welsh Rarebit with dark ale and mustard,  • Chilli Cheddar with tomato and chilli and  • Spring Cheddar with spring onion and marmalade along with World cheeses including  • Sassy Feta bursting with sun dried tomatoes and roasted red peppers,  • Chic Brie with caramelised onion and  • Cool Stilton with sage with further seasonal and Limited Edition variants to come.
The Curious Cheese Co have introduced the range as a premium offering with up to 60% Cheese in some flavours and more than 4 added value signature ingredients in every recipe. Unique and curious in every way, it has created a new shelf space with no other product to compare it against in the market place. 
Buyers at Sainsbury were quick to see the opportunity and contacted Jane Arthern within days of the official company launch, and swiftly committed to listing 2 lines in 150 stores. Furthermore, the Curious Cheese company strategy has a wide remit in terms of market channels, with large global wholesalers, innovative food companies and airlines already showing significant interest.

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