My Buzz

The Doggy Deli is more than just a dog store! We are packed to the rafters with high quality dog food (raw, kibble, wet and cold pressed), natural treats and toys & accessories.

We made the deli more than a retail destination. We are Tiktok famous and people travel from all over the UK to visit and join in on our tiktoks, which often receive over 1m views!

More than all that, we are a family and a community store, the town stands behind us and helps us to grow month on month.


My Bio

I, Georgina, own and run the Deli, working every day of the week to set it up and running. I have degrees in animal welfare and behaviour, and have over 15 years experience working with dogs. I set up one of the UK's premier doggy day cares, and sold that in in 2021 to build the Deli.

I am a single parent with all sorts of challenges set against me, but I knew I wanted the store to be a place where your average pet owner would feel welcome, not overwhelmed, and could be informed and educated on diets, without being talked down to, or judged. I've done just that!

I started with just £1k from a postcode lottery win, and a lot of heart - now just a year later I am looking at expansion ideas!

I still hand select each brand, treat and item, considering nutrition benefits, quality, ethical sourcing and welfare. I refuse more brands than I accept and will continue to ensure my ethics are first and forefront of any business changes.

I missed the sense of community I had with the day care, all the events and silly times, so I brought them with me - we run parties, sports days, special themed days and more, plus a weekly TikTok's thats really become popular. That way we get to know the dogs and owners - and can anticipate their needs. I am often offering advice or suggestions to customers prior to any purchase, and will continue to do so.

My Business Tips

- Stick to what you believe in, dont compromise to make a few extra pennies

- Ignore the copycats and competition, focus on you, on what you can offer and how you offer it

- Be honest with customers. Business isn't always sunshine and roses, and telling them that really helps them understand where you are at.