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Winning #SBS instantly earned us 200 new twitter followers and opened up a whole world of new contacts. We only won a few days ago, so stay tuned to our our #SBS experience progresses...

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We make beautiful and unique clothing for children aged 4-10. Our clothes are made of organic cotton and produced in factories certified for their commitment to ethical and eco-friendly standards. The cotton we use is grown in monsoon-fed regions of India and produced by a collective working with over 15,000 small hold or marginal farmers. We are commited to telling the story of our clothes - hence the name - and hope that both we and consumers will learn more about how, where, why and by whom clothes are made and strive to make positive changes in the way that fashion is produced, consumed and disposed of.

My Business Tips

Take all the advice you are given and always be willing to learn more. Stay positive, stay focused. The business owner always provides the best service to their customers, so we try to always be on the frontline.

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