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The School Food Showdown is loosely based on the popular UK TV show, Ready, Steady, Cook! It is exhilarating, fun, highly interactive and educational!

We are dedicated to helping schools, children, and communities across the United Kingdom reach their full potential by bringing a focus back onto cooking and Healthy Eating.

Available for PHSCE, World Food Days, Healthy Eating Week and much more!

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Our Roadshow helps schools, children, and communities discover how fun and easy it is to cook healthy food in our Highly Interactive Roadshow, available to all schools in the UK. We can even run shows for company team building days!

The three pillars of our business.

01 Education
When pupils eat a healthy diet, they feel better, concentrate better and do better in school. Teaching children about Healthy Eating today allows for a healthier future, one in which they can reach their full potential.

02 Health
Unhealthy Eating is a growing issue, and your support is needed. Help students and the next generations think about the choices they make, what constitutes a healthy diet, and why we should be focusing on it.

03 Community
Our Roadshow creates a huge buzz around Healthy Eating in schools. We encourage the use of local newspapers and local media to show the good things schools are doing for healthy eating.

My Business Tips

1. Follow a passion
2. Keep it simple
3. Be the solution

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