My Buzz

We had an amazing response on Twitter, it gave us the opportunity to talk to some great people, we had some increased PR interest and enjoyed our first chat on #sbswinnershour

My Bio

I spent 20 years working with the B2B sector in an advisory role from finance to marketing, design and business mentoring. I have been running my successful marketing business for 4 years specialising in online marketing and social media. The Gluten Free Centre was born out of my passion for gluten free food and the fact that I have been struggling with various food intolerances and coeliac disease for over a decade. The Gluten Free Centre is a family business, an online resource and community hub for people struggling with coeliac disease and everyone else living a gluten free lifestyle. We want to help raising awareness to coeliac disease, which an auto immune disorder that is - according to research - affecting 1 in 100 people, with only 25% being diagnosed.

My Business Tips

1. Always think about your market and understand fully what people want - you need to sell what people want not what you think they need.
2. Always use a combination of marketing methods to tell people about your business. Marketing works best when it is planned and your online and offline strategy is working together.
3. Know your numbers!

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