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My Buzz

I love the joy of being surrounded by such beautifully handmade items on a daily basis and the knowledge that I am supporting other small businesses by giving them all an outlet to sell their creations. There is nothing better than hearing customers praise and wonderful comments about my shop and the stock that we have.

My Bio

My name is Emma, I live in Berkshire, UK with my very supportive (and patient) husband, we have 2 fabulous grown up sons.

I have been crafting for as long as I can remember. Always trying out something new, experimenting with new ideas. I love it and live for it!

I have created and sold crafts to family and friends and at local craft fairs for many years. In April 2015 I decided to make what I was doing official and launched The Handmade Craft Company as a work from home business.

My dream has always been to one day own my own cafe and craft shop.

In May 2016 my dream began to come true. I was given information of a small unit that had become available at a local craft village. I took a look, spent a few days adding up all the numbers, mulling it over with family and friends and in the end decided that you only live once and you only live to regret the chances you didn't take. I am, with my own shop and after just 3 months of opening I expanded into a larger premises!!

I have over 40 crafters, artists and designers stocking their amazingly wonderful creations, over 80% of whom are all locally based, as well of course as my own creations!!

My Instagram and Facebook pages have information about the shop and stock in general and are updated on a regular basis so you can stay informed of what it going on.

I don't have the cafe part of my dream but there is a super cafe right next door which serves great food and delicious cakes! (highly dangerous to the waist line when working so close by!)

My Business Tips

Most of all enjoy what you do.
Regularily take a step back to look at what you've acheived and how far you've come.
Have dreams and don't be scared to go after them.
Don't be afraid to think differently.

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