My Buzz

We illustrate playful, quirky greeting cards based on sayings we ALL say : You’re the bees knee’s, Light at the end of the tunnel, Drink like a fish, Opposites attract or simply Happy birthday, to name but a few.

My Bio

On a long hot summer's day during a conversation with her children, it dawned upon Lisa that as a parent she used a lot of sayings! Things she'd heard as a child and *swore* she'd never say! In that moment of clarity, a star of an idea was born!

Lisa is a fabulous illustrator whose brain is absolutely chock full of fun, quirky, colourful drawings all bouncing around trying desperately to get out and Jill is a commercial photographer who loves working with people on their businesses using a casual and sometimes quirky approach to get the job done! With the obvious common denominator being 'quirkiness', it was 'a match made in heaven'!

Lisa and Jill had already worked on several projects together and before long it became obvious that a mix of two media forms was 'on the cards', so to speak!

Together, Jill and Lisa decide on which sayings to make into cards. Lisa then 'works her magic' by illustrating the design and hands them over to Jill who decides which textures to use. A fair amount of hilarity usually ensues as the card design comes together!!

We have really worked hard to make our branding strong and instantly identifiable. We are so proud of what we have accomplished thus far. We have 'set the bar really high' for our standards of quality and pay lots of attention to all those really important little details like putting the meaning and/or origin of the saying on the card backs.

We plan to launch all sorts of fun products in the near future, so come back regularly to take a look. We have a newsletter, which we publish about once a month. The 'latest and greatest' news will be in the publication along with discount codes and sneak previews of new products!

My Business Tips

Don’t seek perfection, you’ll be tweaking and editing as you go, adapting as things change.

Be you, if you’re passionate it will come through in your brand.

Create a strong brand and think about whether everything fits it !

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