My Buzz

Sara is an Image Coach and Body Positive Advocate..

In a nutshell I teach women to love their body more and wear their happy.

An holistic approach to Image Consulting but from the inside out. MIND | BODY IMAGE| STYLE


My Bio

Having personal experiences of low esteem, poor body image and more through a series of life events... All stemmed from bullying, miscarriages and more. I decided enough was enough. Realising many women and girls also have issues around 'self confidence and unhappiness with their looks and/or bodies (especially with social media today) I learned to turn my mindset around and then use clothes, colour and sense of self to build and enjoy me again. I now Coach others to do the same.
My toolkit now consists of a Ba Hons in Applied Social Sciences, NLP Practitioning, Image Consultancy accreditation and of course passion for clothes colours and personality ♥

My Business Tips

Practice positive mirror talk as often as you can and for god sake smile ☺

If you wouldn't say it to a friend, dont say it to yourself. You ARE listening after all.

Don't compare yourselves to others, it steals your joy.

Clothes are your best friends if you choose them wisely

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