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Coral and Rebecca created 'The LIFE Expo' in early 2018, because this is the event they want as women in business!

Coral - owns one of the largest women's networking associations in the North West, Pink Link Ladies and the largest women's business awards outside of London - The EVA Awards. Coral has spent years bringing literally thousands of women together, supporting them and helping them rise! The LIFE Expo has been in her mind for some years, the expo is EXACTLY where she would want to go to gain services, support and motivation!

Rebecca - is an entrepreneur, freelance business consultant and a best selling author. Rebecca founded 'The Lady Detective Agency' almost 10 years ago, which went on to become the largest female run investigation company in the UK. Now she helps other people grow their business ideas, and you may see her randomly pop up on 'Good Morning Britain' or 'This Morning' as one of their debate team!


Rebecca appeared on Dragons Den in 2012.. she didn't get investment. Theo said to her;
'Rebecca, you're going to be very successful one day. I just don't know what at!'

Rebecca now believes this SBS win has finally gained Theo's approval!

My Bio

The LIFE Expo is a women's business expo, held Jan 26th 2019 under Concorde at The Runway Visitor Centre, Manchester Airport.
We have over 75 exhibitors to help you grow your business, start a business, buy a franchise, retrain, delelop your health and wellbeing or be inspired and motivated to live a fuller and happier life.
We have HMRC there, getting more women access to childcare funding. The patent office, telling people how to patent an idea. Neil Clough from the Apprentice is telling ladies how to sell better, Leanne Brown from the 'Real housewives of Cheshire' is coming to tell you all about how she's helping women stop being forced into marriage and we even have the editor of 'The LAD Bible' telling you all how to get your promotions going viral!
You name it, we have it.
One roof, one day, one expo. One LIFE.

My Business Tips

1. Come to The LIFE Expo - change your LIFE in a day!
2. Do whatever it takes to make it happen.
3. Believe in YOU. All women need to believe in themselves a little bit more.
4. There are no rules. You can make your millions at 18 or 98, don't measure your success by the journey of others.
5. Support everyone and work together!

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