My Buzz

It's amazing, visitors to the website have doubled! So many people are now more aware of my jewellery, it's fantastic!

My Bio

I'm Sarah. I am a wife of one and mother of two living in Jersey and I just love to make pretty things.

I have been crafting for many years now and started by making cards. I moved to Jersey in 2006 and discovered silver clay jewellery. I 'had a go' and became hooked!! Learning the basics soon lead me to want to learn other aspects of jewellery making. I soon had more jewellery than I possibly could wear so The Lilac Dragonfly was born. I (as you may notice from my work) am seriously in love with Swarovski Crystal and use loads in my pieces.

I am now beginning to use precious gems in some of my pieces, I love the fact that the stones are natural and are completely individual.

My Business Tips

Be prepared to work hard, although if you're doing something that you are passionate about it won't feel like work.

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