My Buzz

Black and white registers he strongest on a new born baby’s retina. Strong visual signals to the brain help brain growth and faster visual development.

Our range of multi-award winning black and white animal illustrations for babies and toddlers aims to inspire the next generation of animal lovers and consrvationists from as early an age as possible. Donating 25% of profits to wildlife charities to show people and planet can both profit.

My Bio

Mum of one, launched the business whilst caring for my new born son after learning about the benefits of black and white images for babies. Recently named as Enterprise Nation Female Startup of the Year 2018 as well as #Smallbiz100 2018. Winner of a silver Junior Design Award 2018 and silver Made for Mums Award 2018.

Passionate about conservation and changing hearts and minds about looking after our planet.

Ex advertising creative with 14+ years of design and marketing experience.

My Business Tips

Jump in and say yes to as much as possible! Be brave and push yourself out of your comfort zone. Use every bit of help available and listen to guidance. Always appear as your most successful self even if behind the scenes you’re paddling furiously!!

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