My Buzz

#SBS has had an immediate effect. Our twitter followers went up by 20% within a couple of days and we have seen an exponential increase in the amount of traffic on our website. It feels great to be part of the #SBS family and we're very excited about meeting Theo.

My Bio

Julie is a passionate foodie and BBC Journalist, most recently working on the food programme on BBC Radio 4. Julie's love of cooking great tasting food for her family lead her to thinking about smoking some chickpeas to make in to humous. It was so good she started a business! Julie's business now supplies Moorish Smoked Humous to retailers across the UK including Waitrose, Fortnum & Mason, Ocado, Planet Organic, Booths & Wholefoods Market stores, as well as a number of delis. Julie has big plans for the business including widening the retail network for her humous products and brining some more amazing and incredibly innovative new smoked food products to market.

My Business Tips

Follow your gut instincts. Be prepared to work hard and learn all aspects of business. Know your strengths and find people who have expertise in areas you are not so good at. Ride the lows as the highs always follow if you have the right formula. The formula for success is; a unique product/service or some unique aspect (location, market) that meets a need, a route to market, hard work, determination, lateral thinking and lots of energy. Understand profit, turnover and cashflow. Enter competitions to raise your profile. Listen to customers and advisers but be prepared to make the decisions yourself. Make tough decisions if it's in the best interest of your business but always be nice to people, your reputation is for life.

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