My Buzz

The North Pole Race™ is great fun for your family and friends to play.

A board game that will create laughter and competition between you all.

Travel through the seasons to get to the North Pole first - answer the final challenge question before the sands of time runs out and you are the winner!!!

Be wary, get it wrong and you head back to the start of Winter!!

Along the way, you will roll the dice to determine whether you get a hard or an easy question. You need to avoid the pitfalls to get sent back and hopefully land on the boost to push you ahead of your rivals!!

My Bio

I am serial entrepreneur with varied business interests in the office, car & van and campervan leasing industries.

Never stop thinking of ideas that will make peoples lives better.

My Business Tips

NEVER give up - otherwise you will never know how close you were to your goal.

Calculate the risk and remember that leap of faith isn't actually as big as you think it is.

You wont regret trying - you will regret NOT trying. It would mean you will always wonder...what if?

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