My Buzz

Winning #SBS last night has been a roller-coaster already. The wave of congratulations almost knocked me for six. I have a wonderful circle of supportive tweeters around me already in the form of #SBSWIW (winners in waiting group) and their help and support has been invaluable. This, plus the expertise and advice of current #SBS members who I have been tweeting for over a year now has made this a fantastic experience so far. I look forward to building The One Stop Bug Shop into a real buggie wonderland for everyone who is a fan of these fabulous products for children. Being part of #SBS is such a fantastic opportunity and I look forward to learning, and growing my business in the company of some truly inspirational business people.

My Bio

After escaping the Big Smoke 9 years ago and moving to Cornwall, starting a family and finding I needed to be closer to home during the day for the children, we decided I would become a stay-at-home mum. This was fine for the baby years. Then I found myself arguing with supermarkets over challenging my age (at age 34!), negotiating every little penny on the insurance and writing complaint emails to companies whose vans decided to cut me up on the Cornish roads. It was clear I needed an outlet for the skills I had gained earlier in life working in London & Truro.

So, the One Stop Bug Shop was born, from my love of all bug-themed products, my continual research while out and about, which lead to my ever-growing list of things I wanted to sell. I love the bright, bold colours and fun toys and clothes that I can now buy! I was sure from the start that there must be plenty of others like me, who like the happy, brightness of these lovely products. The name was obvious in my head from early on, and was a hit with people I tested it out on.

I began, using our savings and making a business plan via a free CD Rom I got from a bank. The shop gradually grew on Ebay, though I had got my URL from day one, and always planned to move on from Ebay to my own website.

Phase two began this summer with me putting together my own website. This was launched recently with a competition which brought in a lot of interest both from Twitter and Facebook.

The One Stop Bug Shop is two years old in October 2013 and I am very excited about the future. I want to grow this lovely shop until it's bursting with all you could want from the world of bugs!

My Business Tips

Persevere, believe in yourself and don't be too proud, or afraid to ask for help from anyone who is willing or able to give it! Keep smiling and positive and you will shape your own destiny!

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