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The Blood Specialists

For Clients: 

Need a blood test at home? You’ve come to the right place.

Want to arrange corporate testing days for your internal team members?

For Practitioners: 

Our bespoke Membership Plans for Phlebotomy Practitioners are leading the way for our industry, join a membership plan and get the support you need to work independently as a phlebotomist nationwide.

For Learners: 

We train and assess phlebotomy practitioners across the country to ensure patients are receiving the best quality care when attending phlebotomy appointments. We support businesses, research scientists, healthcare organisations and many more to deliver pathology and phlebotomy services to clients.

We provide Accredited Phlebotomy Training to existing and aspiring phlebotomists and healthcare businesses alike.

We uphold a focus on quality and we are committed to professional development within our industry.