My Buzz

I was so excited when I found out that I had won the weekly #sbs. To have my site tweeted to over 250,000 is amazing. Naturally the website has been really busy this week and sales are definitely up. It's a busy time of year normally but being able to say my business has been re-tweeted by Theo Paphitis really gives the site some prestige! Thank you!

My Bio

My name is Craig and I have been a teacher for 10 years. I am currently an assistant head teacher is South West London where I am responsible for Assessment and Curriculum. I also teach a year 6 class for two days a week. The Primary Teacher Resource Centre is run as a hobby but is an ever increasing one, during which I have learnt everything as I have gone along. The Primary Teacher Resource Centre (PTRC) was established in 2006. Back then it all started by simply selling vocabulary packs on Ebay but as time went by, and the number of resources I was selling increased, I set up my own website initially using Microsoft Publisher. It was simple but it worked! Nowadays the site has a more professional look selling over 300 display and teaching resources aimed at the primary classroom and most of them available for instant download. Not only do we sell vocabulary packs but we now have a wide range of teaching and other display resources which are perfect for any primary classroom. Our vocabulary packs remain some of our most popular resources but recently our 'Back to Basics', 'Magic at Maths' and 'Great at Grammar' activity teaching resources have proved extremely popular and there are free samples of these available on our website. However we are not just about resources as we also have a FREE discussion forum with over 1500 active members.

My Business Tips

Running a business such as this alongside a full time teaching job can be at times rather time consuming. Therefore my tip would be that you've got to love what you do and really believe in your product. Keep with it when sales are down and make sure your website is updated regularly. Recently I have found social networking sites to be a really good way of promoting what I sell. Our facebook page has over 2000 likes in less than a month - best of all it's free!

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