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#SBS has helped us market and promote the business using Theo's famous name. As a small startup business with a limited marketing budget Theo has helped us gain further coverage and media interest than we would have gained on our own. We are so grateful to Theo for him putting his name to helping us and small businesses like us.

My Bio

The Pure Emporia sells only the most natural beauty, skin and haircare products we can find.

Our mission is to sell only the most natural beauty products we can find and to share our research on 'nasty' ingredients with the world. We aim to inform as well as to provide a fantastic service.

The Pure Emporia is an award winning website that sells beauty/ skincare products that do not contain the many 'nasty' ingredients that a lot of others do. We've done our research on these 'nasties' and we want to share it with the world. Proud to have won Janey Lee Grace's "best online store for natural skincare" and Theo Paphitis Small Business Sunday (#sbs) Award 18/12/11.

My Business Tips

Use social media to its full advantage - you can reach a wide target audience with only the cost of your time.
Have the courage to to believe in your convictions. You started this business for a reason and only your will power will help you achieve your goals.
Use every marketing opportunity that comes your way. People will only become your customers if they know you exist.

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