My Buzz

Since our #SBS RT we have gained many new followers and #SBS friends. We have seen an increase in orders and awareness for our brand. We have recently been chosen by Red Letter Days to work in partnership selling our subscription packages.

My Bio

Hi I’m Aly, mummy of two bouncy boys and founder of The Rainy Day Box Co. Like many great business opportunities mine came by accident and was inspired by my 1st son Kit (my lovely little wiggly worm). One rainy autumn morning when I had no idea how to fill the day, I put together a box full of fun things to amuse us whenever we were bored like my mother had done for me when I was a little girl. From this simple idea we now have a great range of activity boxes to help you and your loved ones reap the benefits of good 'old fashioned' fun without any hassle. The Rainy Day Box Co is dedicated to Kit and to all the other wiggly worms out there. xx

My Business Tips

Be a person not a business, treat customers as you would your friends and offer more than just your products.

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