My Buzz

Receiving fantastic feedback from my customers on my work. I love to meet people face to face at fairs and showcase my work and see the smiles my work brings!

My Bio

I was in full time employment until I had my first child. Maternity leave gave me the opportunity to explore my creative side. I self-learnt the art of turning unspun wool into miniature pets, animals, jewellery and seasonal decorations.
Needle felting involves prodding wool with a barbed needle many times until the desired shape is formed. This art requires a lot of patience, time and commitment. I have found this to be a very therapeutic and enjoyable form of creativity. After my second child I decided to explore this craft further and turn it into a small business. I opened my Etsy shop in 2017 and have not looked back since!
I am also able to work from photos of pets and replicate them in miniature form. My customers have complimented me in terms of creating miniatures with great attention to detail. My greatest pleasure is to bring a smile to those who receive my product.
My most recent and popular creation was a gift to Mr Theo Paphitis of his pet dog Gladys, which he was very pleased with. This became a sensation on his social media. Feedback from my customers has always been fantastic.

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