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The Power of Twitter never fails to amaze me , I have met some lovely people , done some great bits of business and just love the fact that SBS is helping to genuinely helping to stimulate business growth in UK through the Twitter Medium .

My Bio

I set up my first company Cell Pack Solutions Ltd 15 years , it specialises in Custom Battery Pack Assembly and Battery Distribution through an E-Commerce Website ( We have now grown to 24 People and this year will be moving to our own purpose built Factory .
A few months ago I had my own Victor Kiam Moment , I had come across a website and business run being run by a Webdesigner . I liked the business idea so much that I made an offer for it , 3 Years later I eventually took it over. We are currently in the process of redesigning the website and have some great ideas to push this business forward. (

PS .. Update -- we have now been in our new factory for 12 months 27/07/2014

My Business Tips

Believe in yourself , set your self personal targets and goals and go for them . Being self employed is hard work and you will need to be absolutely committed, if you dont believe or don't live and breath your business then no one will. If you make promises then make sure you keep them. My mantra that was etched into my mind by my father was " Good Better Best ,Never let it rest , until the Good Gets Better and the Better Best". Basically look for continual improvement. His other one was " A bird in the hand is worth two on the roof " Originally written around 2011.

Now that I have built a factory I would definitely say - If you make a promise then keep it at all costs .

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10% off our list price to all new customers that like our facebook page #SBS Winners

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