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It's early days as I only won this week, but it's been pretty manic - I've never sent or received so many tweets in my life!

My Bio

My name is Maureen Gilbertson and I’m the proud owner of The Strandline, a website and an Etsy shop selling sea glass jewellery.

When I left a career in a financial environment I never imagined that one day I would be the proud owner of an online jewellery store.

I’ve lived on the Coast all my life, from playing as a child, collecting shells, pebbles and other shoreline objects to now collecting sea glass as the basis for my jewellery designs.

My website ‘The Strandline’ is a small one woman business, passionate about the sea and passionate about jewellery. I specialise in sea glass jewellery, but I also use beach pottery and beach pebbles (found on my local beach on the beautiful Northumberland Coast of England) in my designs.

The latest addition to my range introduces the skill of bezel making, using sterling silver strip in an attractive setting that holds the sea glass jewel in place, highlighting the lustre of the glass and the gleam of silver for a completely new look.

My jewellery business began in 2010 and as it becomes more established, with sales not only in the UK, but worldwide, so far reaching 42 states of the USA, including Hawaii and Alaska and also more distant locations such as New Zealand, Australia and China.

My shops have a feel of the sea. The name describes exactly where I find my jewels and also connects with the on-line nature of the business. The Strandline banner is a photo I took of my local beach with a logo that conjures up the colours of the ocean. I like simple and elegant, nothing fussy, and my shop and jewellery designs reflect this.

My Business Tips

My Top Tip is to make your customer service impeccable - it does work and customers do return.

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