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The Sylverling Workshop designs & handcrafts bespoke & ready to wear jewellery.
Passionate about keeping our carbon footprint small, we work predominantly with recycled Sterling silver & we only use ethically sourced natural gemstones. Ethical working practices are extremely important to us and so we only work with materials that can be traced back to their original source.
We believe in slow fashion and in creating pieces that are of fine design and made to last.
Our jewellery is handcrafted using traditional tools & methods.

My Bio

My name is Vicky and I am the designer and maker behind The Sylverling Workshop. As a Fine Art graduate, I have always felt most at ease and fulfilled when being creative. And so, I decided to set up my own workshop, enabling me to create, in my own way, jewellery for others to wear, enjoy and hopefully treasure.

As a silversmith I am registered with the Birmingham Assay Office in the United Kingdom. Each piece of jewellery over 7.78g weight, (Sterling silver) is assayed, hallmarked and my unique crafter's mark applied. In the case of very tiny or very delicate items such as ear studs that do not incorporate gemstones and that fall under 7.78g,(Sterling silver) in weight usually only my crafter's mark will be applied. This is in accordance with the legislation for hallmarking and the Hallmarking Act.

All elements of the jewellery I make are unique even, in any one design, because every item is individually handcrafted using traditional smithing hand tools. You will therefore be wearing a beautiful and unique piece of ethically crafted jewellery. I happily take bespoke order enquiries.
I design & handcraft jewellery using only ethically sourced & sustainable materials, working with recycled Sterling silver as far as possible. I am passionate about making elegant, everyday jewellery of strong modern design.

I am a new small business having launched my website at the end of September 2019. I am thrilled to be part of the SBS winners' community! This has now given me a window of opportunity to grow my small business!

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