My Buzz

Urban Cordial likes to push the boundaries with our flavour combinations, and you will find flavours you cannot find elsewhere, from Strawberry and Sage to Blackberry and Lavender, and Raspberry and Rosemary. These flavours have caught the eye of the media, and as such we have been featured in the Evening Standard and the Jellied Eel.

My Bio

The Urban Cordial Company produces flavourful cordial filled with British delights to transform your drinks.

Natasha founded the company in 2013 as an initial experiment. After selling her entire stock of over 200 bottles in 3 days, what started as an experiment became a viable business venture. All fruits that are used come from farms around London. The cordials are made by hand using only fruits that are in season. As such each bottle is unique and the flavours change from seasonally.

My Business Tips

Take your time, don't rush and test your product on the public.

Starting a business is time-consuming and hard work, so be prepared for not having much of a life out of work for the start. However, as your business grows and catches the eyes of others, you will feel the satisfaction your endeavours have produced

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