My Buzz

This week has been a bit of a blur really. My phone has been non stop with messages of congratulations and warm wishes.

For a small (and relatively new) business, it's awesome to have access to a wealth of knowledge that Theo and the other #SBS winners have. I look forward to tapping into that and sharing my own business experience with them :)

My Bio

The idea behind The White Bulb came about after my husband and I painstakingly made some letter lights for our wedding. The local company didn’t have the letters we needed and it seemed that we were the wrong side of the Pennines for others. In a moment of madness / drunkenness (delete as you see fit) we decided to take on the challenge of supplying Yorkshire and the surrounding areas with letter lights to hire for wedding and corporate events.

We also make the smaller letters to buy and can match any colour scheme, spell any word, even make them out of flowers. Take a look at our website for more info :)

My Business Tips

Never. Give. Up. No matter how hard things get or tired you are, keep following the dream :)

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