My Buzz

Hi, my name is Clare Campbell from The Wise Old Owl and I’m an artisan crafter based in Edinburgh. I make gorgeous gifts and fancies for your home, in brightly patterned fabrics.

I create gorgeous pieces including hot water bottle covers for chilly nights in, roomy tote bags for shopping days, and vibrant peg bags to brighten up your washing line.

I also welcome commission enquiries.

My Bio

The Wise Old Owl came out of a need to explore my creative side and spend less time on social media - ha! I inherited my husband's grandmother's old sewing machine and began to create pieces to sell on-line and at craft fairs.

I'm influenced by the changing seasons and the sights around me at home and love to create items that reflect a more simple way of living, and embrace home comforts.

My Business Tips

When starting out in business it's easy to fall in to the trap of comparing yourself to others. You can become disillusioned and disheartened when you don't have as many followers as someone, or make as many sales as someone else. When I first started I wrote a manifesto to myself, a note of all the things that I wanted The Wise Old Owl to be (and equally what it was not to be), what I wanted to get out of having a small business, and how I would measure my own success.

Whenever I become dejected I go back to that list and remind myself of all the great things that The Wise Old Owl brings to me.

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