My Bio

I’m Sarah (she/her) and I’ve loved doing crafts since I was a child. I was taught by various (invariably female) members of my family back when it wasn’t really called ‘craft’, but ‘making your clothes and toys’.

I’ve had a few pretty stressful jobs and always used sewing, knitting, crochet etc to help with my mental health during those times. While I love buying handmade, I found that it was difficult to get what I really wanted especially as I approached middle age and menopause, as I was frequently furious with what was happening! I decided to make cross stitch quotes based on my reaction to things that were going on in the world and found that they resonated with a lot of people, so I decided to set up an Etsy shop. The rest, as they say, is history!

Gifts & home decor for the moderately rebellious came from the fact, that while many of us are passionate about changing the world for the better, at this age it’s far to easy to be distracted by cake and naps.