My Buzz

We work with forward thinking organisations to create mentally healthy workplaces for their employees, by providing internationally recognised mental health training & education

Our clients include Facebook, Citrix, Sky Broadcasting, Conde Nast and many other well know global & British business.

Thoughtify are unique in that we have years of corporate experience gained from working in high stress business sectors.

Most of our instructors have a business and military background, and have led and worked in some of the most high stress, high risk environments around the globe. We well understand the stresses that your employees are under because we've shared them too.

My Bio

Our Director Tom spent several years in the British Army as an infantry soldier, and then as a private military contractor working for the United States Government, before settling down and starting successful careers in the Financial Services and IT sector's in London.

In 2015 Tom was diagnosed with Chronic Complex Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (CPTSD) by a leading psychiatrist specialising in military mental health.

"Looking back at my own situation, I know now that with a little bit of prior education about mental health, either I or a colleague at work could have easily spotted the signs that I was unwell, and I could have gone and got the right support to manage my illness at a much earlier stage. If that had of happened then I would never have got to the point where going to work became an impossibility.

None of us are immune to mental ill health because it just doesn't discriminate, which is why we all need to speak openly about it at all levels in business".

My Business Tips

“Never just give up, however bad the situation gets.

There is always another opportunity or option - you just need to be able to adapt yourself to the challenge and not be afraid to take the risk. I’ve applied this approach to my personal life and business ever since I left the Armed Forces. It’s never let me down.”