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Tickled Moon creates high quality, personalised children’s books, with fun personalisations and beautiful, rhyming stories.

Our books have been featured on ITV’s 'This Morning' in a Best Personalised Gift Feature, on BBC Radio Sussex & Surrey, and most recently as the Best Buy for an IndyBest guide.

LoveReading4Kids - the UKs biggest and best recommendation site for children’s books - call us "out and out leaders in personalised books.”

We are now looking to scale the business, spreading our gifts of love to every corner of the globe over the next 10 years!

My Bio

Tickled Moon was created in 2019 by husband and wife, Simon Roberts and Alison Reddihough, in Sussex. We now have 6 unique personalised books, a print and a seasonal calendar - all unique to us - that are sold worldwide.

We are used to creative endeavours, having both started out as actors and then later delving into filmmaking. Our film company Amulet Films produced two award winning short films, one of which “Ghosthunter” was shortlisted for an Oscar and became the subject of the book “How To Make Great Short Films, The Making of Ghosthunter”.

We then 'stumbled' into creating personalised children's books, but we love every aspect of it! We focus on creating well constructed, touching stories that will become firm favourites for children and parents to read - not just because of the novelty personalisation element, but because they’re delightful, well written children’s books.

Together as Tickled Moon we hope to spread a wee bit more positivity and playfulness in the world and have many other heartwarming, fun personalised books and other products lined up for the next few years.

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