My Buzz

I make Tiffin, a rich chocolatey treat. I sell through my online shop, to local coffee shops in Royston SG8, and also at food markets. It's all about Tiffin for me, it's my passion. If it becomes your passion too after tasting some, then you are truly a Tiffinista! I'm just about to launch Tiffin Towers for weddings, and super excited about that, and to be part of this amazing community.

My Bio

I have always made Tiffin as my 'go to' treat to take to parties and to send off to my kids whilst at university. I have a day job as a part-time Research Scientist at Cambridge University. During the Pandemic I truly thought I was going to be made redundant, so TIffinity and Beyond became my 'side hustle'. Being a scientist means I am used to following protocols and working in sterile conditions so I applied this to how I worked in my kitchen. Amazingly my Tiffin was huge hit, and now takes up a lot of my spare time , to the point that I'm at a crossroads- do I take the plunge and leave the day job ?

My Business Tips

Trust your gut. If you believe in your product, go with it.
Do your research. Find your niche. I feel I have found mine as despite there being thousands of bakers doing brownies, muffins and cakes, Tiffin is shamefully under represented. My aim is world domination through the consumption of Tiffin.

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