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Tigga Towers is quite simply unique. A small family-run company based in Surrey, my sister and I found a niche in the cat world for luxury products that looked good with the bonus of lasting! Many products for cats currently originate from dog products and fabrics. So, taking our ever-increasing 'cat' knowledge, we created a brand and designs, including our luxurious fabric manufactured for us specifically for our feline friends, and, Hey Presto, here we are 8 years later! Our strap line says it all, we feel. Tigga Towers - it's where your cat would shop! Then, since late 2016, our canine friends have cottoned on, and now small dogs just love us too!

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Tigga Towers was created in May 2009. The concept began with my father and I frustrated at the lack of quality cat products and cat scratching towers on the market. As owners of large Maine Coon cats -- and a demolished ceiling in our flat! -- we developed a concept for cat scratching towers. They are built to last and modular, allowing expansion. They also look nice in your home, with neutral colours and materials. Of course, manufacturing on a small scale within the UK is not cheap, but our reputation and after sales care speaks for itself. The old adage 'quality is remembered long after price is forgotten' most certainly rings true with us. Six years ago my sister joined our team and the fabrics within our bedding and toy ranges took on a life of its own. With seasonal limited-edition colours and bed styles, we offer the full package regardless of your requirements. From a Catnip toy to a bespoke tower, the team is always happy to chat, help and, of course, share pictures! 2016 sadly saw the loss of our father and master craftsman, but his work lives on in homes across the world. If he was still here, we know he would be delighted to see the hard work acknowledged by this award -- a fitting tribute on the first anniversary of our loss. 2017 has many exciting things ahead.

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To follow as soon as we get a moment later this week :O) For now our number one motto

'Never Give Up' If it was easy then everyone would be running their own business!

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