My Buzz

TT Luxury Cat Towers is quite simply unique. Run by myself Samantha Marsh with the support of my husband we design and manufacture sustainable bespoke cat scratching towers.

Come and follow my story from Tigga Towers Ltd to TT Luxury Cat Towers. It makes great bedtime reading :)

My Bio

Tigga Towers Ltd as we began life  was formed over a curry in our kitchen way back in May 2009. The concept began with my father and I frustrated at the lack of quality cat products and cat scratching towers on the market. As owners of large Maine Coon cats -- and a demolished ceiling in our flat! -- we developed a concept for cat scratching towers. They are built to last and modular, allowing expansion. The old adage 'quality is remembered long after price is forgotten' most certainly rings true with me. 2016 sadly saw the loss of our father and master craftsman, but his work lives on in homes across the world. Fast forward and a pandemic no one could have foreseen meant a 360 degree about turn as we moved to online only. In 2022 sadly the struggle became insurmountable as Tigga Towers Ltd was forced to close its doors.

Roll forwards to 2023 and after hundreds of messages and a good hard re think TT Luxury Cat Towers began with me Samantha Marsh. Taking everything we had built and improving the areas that had always frustrated me.  I am delighted to say we now not only produce 'Made in Britain' Cat Towers but also we are sustainable with stunning bamboo replacing mdf components.

I am also extremely proud that despite everything that has happened #SBS has agreed to allow me to keep the win we worked so hard for and can not wait to support #SBS as we move forwards

My Business Tips

'Never Give Up' If it was easy then everyone would be running their own business!