My Buzz

I have been an #SBS winner for less than 24 hours so far and already we have seen a massive increase in twitter followers, visitors to our website and purchases too!

My Bio

I opened Timeless Toys in March 2011 after taking a carreer break from my job as a police officer. I was frustrated at not being able to find quality wooden toys that would provide entertainment, that would last through at least one child and that I wouldn't mind having in my living room! We now have a shop and internet site which are currently managed by me and I'm occasionally helped by my husband, and more often by my three year old son, Harry! We believe that toys should be things to play with using imagination and not toys that play by themselves. The only toy we stock with a battery is the engine's on the wooden train track and we love toys that encourage the whole family to get involved and playing!!

My Business Tips

If at first you don't succeed, work out why and then try again.
If you don't believe you'll succeed then no-one else will either.

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