My Buzz

After winning #SBS our Twitter account went mad with new followers, and lots of congratulations messages from past winners, and #SBS winners of the future.

My Bio

Already having a successful jewellery website, and retail shop we started to commission our own ranges of jewellery for sale exclusively through our own outlets.

The range has been so successful that it has increased in size several times a year, encompassing new materials such as Zirconia Ceramic ,Titanium, Carbon Fibre and new in summer of 2013 a brilliant new material, Cobalt.

Our own brand of jewellery now has over 160 designs, predominantly rings available in UK finger sizes I to Z+10 which is currently the largest selection of alternative material rings in the UK spanning across 28 finger sizes.

The range is now so large, and successful that in 2011 we branded the range Titan Jewellery, and launched our latest website which only sells our own range of jewellery.

Titan Jewellery is run by husband and wife Jason & Helen Beer

My Business Tips

Be as good as you can be, and always try harder, and in different ways, you may just find you can be better at what you do.

Try to look for a different way of doing something away from the mainstream of your competitors, more choice, larger sizes etc.

Respond to every single enquiry, even if you are unable to help. The customer has chosen your company, have the courtesy to reply.

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