My Buzz

When people say. You only live once! I correct them!! We only die once!!! We have many opportunities of living life to the full. And that’s exactly what I’m doing! And you should too!!!

My Bio

Fun, loving mum who decided to follow her passion of becoming a beauty therapist at the age of 55! Despite obstacles in my way. I am an example that hard work, focus, determination and the belief to follow a dream is POSSIBLE.
My mission is to make all my clients feel and look great. I am the only Footlogix Practioner in my area and I offer my own unique facial that is like no other! However, Its not just about the amazing treatments but the whole experience of being in my little boutique salon. Once seen, never forgotten!

My Business Tips

* Show up every day with intent!
* Put customers before profits
*You must have Extreme Competitive Differential Advantage!
* Be willing to require a customer at cost!
* Treat every single customer as a prisoner! Never let them go!
*Dont let obstacles set you back. Use them as a learning curve!
* Feed your mind daily! With whatever is going to add value to your life!

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