My Buzz

Taken by surprise and extremely proud to be picked by Theo Paphitis for #sbs, we have been trying for five years with TaylorMade TV & Audio Ltd and now with Totally-AV our online store, to be notice and get some presence in the market.

10 months have passed and sale / enquires are climbing steadily primarily from schools for our interactive whiteboards for sale and Clevertouch interactive screens, supprisingly one of our best sellers are the replacement projector lamps that I nearly didn't put on the site. Just goes to show theirs still a lot of work and learning to do.

Another unexpected result has been the warmth and good will from the other #sbs winners and twitter community as a whole, this has undoubtably been one of the best weeks in my working career.

My Bio

I started as a trainee security systems installer in Norwich, soon moved on to satellites and aerial systems and then into the home AV market, Installing home cinemas and audio systems.

Spent several years in commercial communications installation and project management, then moved into project management for a company that had the Audio Visual contract for Greenking brewery.

I set up my own business TaylorMade TV & Audio in 2007 coming back round to the Home Entertainment market, having made a few mistakes along the way we went Limited in 2010.

After a good year last year, I decided move the business forward be opening Totally-AV our online store that launched in January 2012

My Business Tips

If at first you don't succeed, try, try, try and keep trying again.

If you love the business your in your half way there already.

Working with people brings far more rewards than working against them.

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