My Buzz

So far, 12 hours into the experience and what an incredible buzz ... so encouraging, cheering and VERY exciting. Fair chuffed to be 'in', thank you, and hello all.

My Bio

The first Totseat was made when I chopped up my wedding dress with my husband watching (in fact I think he passed me the scissors) - its purpose being to keep a baby safe in an adult chair when no highchair can be found (or is too filthy to use). It's washable, squashable and pocket-sized, and comes with a lifetime guarantee. Seven years on and this innovative, useful, safe, compact product is sold in over 40 countries and we have a passionate wee team, here in Edinburgh. It's been a hugely steep learning - and still is - every day!

My Business Tips

Do as you would be done by', be strong, work hard and sleep less than before; do your research - not just with friends; protect your intellectual property, but don't be ripped off by lawyers - start by talking to those who have 'been there'; work with and recruit people who are better, and know more, than you; don't only think about your home market - export, export, export ... the world is round, and small.

My Latest Offers

10% off at with #SBS-2012 - grab a gorgeous washable squashable highchair or enchanting, huggable soft toy Oobicoo NOW

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