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Tell us how #SBS has affected your business
When we got the first congratulations we were so excited! My partner said to'll never guess who has Retweeted us!
Within the first hour we had added 100+ followers and its still growing! Weve had sales this morning at a faster rate than ever before and we couldnt be happier! Thank you Theo!

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Treasured Pens are based in Stradbroke, Near Eye, Suffolk Phil and I had lived in Suffolk for 3 years before turning Phil's hobby into a business. Treasured Pens is the result of a passion for woodturning which has been developed into making a selection of rollerballs, fountain, and ballpoint pens from woods and coloured acrylics.
One of the unique qualities about our company is that all of the oak pens (rollerball, fountain and ballpoint) are made from local resources.

Phillip tells us “all the oak we use is approximately 400 years old, and comes from an old barn in Weybread, Norfolk. A lot of our customers really enjoy this fact, it enables them to purchase a pen that is not only made locally to them but also from Oak that comes from where they live”

We can take custom orders and most of our designs can be made in various styles. It easy to talk to us on any of the platforms we use.

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You have to persist with things that will work in your favour! EG SBS!
Its really important to connect with your customer/potential customer and get to know what they need and media is fantastic for this!

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Free delivery on any order over £25 to #sbs winners x
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