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Uniquely designed, beautiful laser cut and engraved items. Perfect as keepsakes or gifts.

My Bio

Hi, my name is Bella and I am Treetop Treasures! I create unique lasercut and engraved items, which can be personalised or custom. The items have a heavy emphasis on design and being one of a kind. They make perfect gifts and keepsakes.

A little bit more about me - I am an illustrator/designer and I started Treetop Treasures in 2017. I have always had a passion and appreciation for good design and anything arty, and in 2011, I graduated with a First Class degree in Illustration. I love children's books, editorial illustrations, anything beautiful that has a narrative!

I started thinking about starting my own business when I started my family. I created an endless amount of personalised items for my children that nobody else had, so they could look back and think 'that was made especially for me'.

So in 2017, Treetop Treasures was born and the rest is history! I have loved every minute of every clock I have made, spoons engraved, coasters laser cut.
I particularly love custom work and how thoughtful people can be when giving gifts! There have been so many sentimental items and ideas that I have made and that is why I started Treetop Treasures in the first place. It makes me very happy that these items I have made are so special to some of my customers/their recipients.

Becoming part of #SBS has been the absolute icing on the cake!

My Business Tips

Do your absolute best and exceed any expectations.
Be honest.
Be collaborative.
Be open.

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