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We are thrilled to have won the Theo Paphitis SBS award and slightly overwhelmed by the buzz it created as a result. The lovely messages of support and interest in Tuck n' Snug are greatly appreciated so thank you.

Tuck n' Snug is an innovative new concept in kid's stay-on bedding that is transforming the lives of sleep-deprived children and their parents. No longer do little boys and girls lose their duvet and pillow, falling off the bed - causing them to wake up cold. With this new innovation in bedding they are comfortably tucked in, snug throughout the night.

My Bio

My name is Annabel and I'm the founder of Tuck n' Snug. I'm a mum of two young children and designed Tuck n' Snug after enduring over 1000 sleepless nights with my own children who were waking up cold because their bedding had fallen off the bed. I couldn't find a solution on the market that fixed the problem so came up with my own idea and created Tuck n' Snug - resulting, quite literally, in overnight success! Tuck n' Snug looks like any other bedding set but fabric flaps secure the duvet cover and pillowcase to the mattress, stopping the bedding from slipping off the bed during the night. It keeps kids cosy and warm all night long, while still being able to move around - all without the use of zips, buttons or Velcro.

I've now taken Tuck n' Snug to market and it has received rave reviews and helping end sleepless nights for many families. We launched in March 2016 and have received a number of awards. Tuck n' Snug was born out of a necessity that many parents experience and the process of developing it has been an absolute labour of love. We currently sell through our website but are talking to stockists about distributing the product both in the UK and overseas. We welcome all enquiries - so if you like what we are doing please contact us on

My Business Tips

Creating your own business and developing it is a herculean task and not for the faint-hearted. Believe in yourself, network, seek advice, take advice, get your IP protected, spend according to finances, keep going and if you've got something good, never give up!

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