My Bio

Our story starts with Lo, a 21 year old with an idea, and her four-legged sidekick Twiggy.

Twiggy came into this world on 22/04/2020 and just two months later on 17/06/2020, Twiggy Tags was born. Nobody has forgotten the global pandemic, which devastated the world and changed life as we knew it, but for many, having time away from work presented an ideal opportunity to try something new.

As you might guess from our name, Twiggy Tags started with hand-stamped metal ID tags, which we still make today. As time went on, and the company grew, we began to make Biothane collars, uniquely personalised for added luxury and this started Lo’s passion for design and combining aesthetics with practicality so our dogs can look AND feel good.

Bold, attractive dog accessories that remained durable and hard-wearing for furry explorers like Twiggy became our niche and all we have done since then is expand more and more. We are now well-known for being one of the first UK companies to design our own “Adventure Harness” and we are creating new products all the time!

We are so proud to say that all of our products are designed and created to fill any gaps in the market that we as dog owners can’t find! If we can’t find a backpack that looks good but is also practical for long dog walks - well, we make it! Being dog owners and lovers ourselves, dogs comfort and safety is always our priority and we try and test all products ourselves as well as the vigorous strength testing whilst in production! (It doesn’t make it in store until it is Twiggy approved!)

We are still a small business, but we are growing all the time and hope to take the whole world by storm! Since our launch, our little team has grown. Lo & Rich are dog mum & dad to Twiggy and now her little sister Pippin who are labradoodles, and we have since taken on a full time employee Laura, with her border collie Finley.

We can’t wait to see what’s next for our TT family, but we hope you can come with us for the ride!


In loving memory of Annie, the girl who ignited Lo’s love for dogs, who lived 14 happy years and will live on forever in our memories. TT wouldn’t be here today without you.

My Business Tips

Success isn't based on what you do, but the amount of effort you put in.